Bible Reading

Bible Reading Challenge: Hebrews

From December 2nd to January 7th, we will read through the book of Hebrews at the pace of 3 chapters in Hebrews, and 1 Life-study message per week. We encourage all of the young people to read with companions, parents, or serving ones together to gain the prize at the end of this challenge!


WeekDatesHebrews ChaptersHebrews Life-study
1Dec 2 – 91, 2, 3Ch. 2
2Dec 10 – 164, 5, 6Ch. 6
3Dec 17 – 237, 8, 9Ch. 9
4Dec 24 – 3110, 11, 12Ch. 16
5January 1 – 713Ch. 69


If you can read from your own Bible that is best. Otherwise, you may go to:

To read the life-studies go to:
500 Life-Studies App
The mobile app to the 500 Life-studies app can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

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