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God’s Full Salvation Packet – Packet

The Two Spirits – Packet

The Church- Packet


God’s Full Salvation – Videos

Two Spirits – Videos

The Church – Videos


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(Note: Specific lessons have been selected for specific days, refer to the chart below)

God’s Full Salvation – Book (click here)

Day NumberLesson NumberLesson Chapter Title
1-Mon, 6/84God’s Creation of Man as a Three-part Vessel
2-Tue, 6/97Man’s Need of Salvation
3-Wed, 6/1011Redemption
4-Thur, 6/1112Forgiveness and Cleansing of Sins
5-Mon, 6/1515Regeneration
6-Tue, 6/1616Sanctification
6-Wed, 6/1717Transformation
8-Thur, 6/1818Conformation
9-Mon, 6/2219Glorification
10-Tue, 6/2322Three Stages of Salvation
11-Wed, 6/2421The Assurance and Security of Salvation
12-Thur, 6/2523Reward and Punishment

Two Spirits – Book (click here)

Day NumberLesson NumberLesson Title
1-Mon, 6/81The Two Spirits
2-Tue, 6/93The Compound Spirit
3-Wed, 6/104The Life-giving, Indwelling Spirit
4-Thur, 6/115The Sevenfold Intensified Spirit
5-Mon, 6/1513The Human Spirit
6-Tue, 6/1613The Parts/Functions of the Human Spirit
7-Wed, 6/177The Spirit’s Work in the Believers-Regeneration
8-Thur, 6/1816Knowing Our Spirit
9-Mon, 6/2217The Mingled Spirit
10-Tue, 6/2318Being Filled in Spirit
11-Wed, 6/2419Exercising Our Spirit
12-Thur, 6/2520Walking by the spirit

The Church – Book (click here)

Day NumberLesson NumberLesson Title
1-Mon, 6/81Vision of the church
2-Tue, 6/92God’s Purpose for the church
3-Wed, 6/107Two aspects of the church: universal and local
4-Thur, 6/1111The churches in Rev. signifying the 7 stages of the church
5-Mon, 6/153Status of the church (1): assembly, house and kingdom
6-Tue, 6/164Status of the church (2): the Body of Christ
7-Wed, 6/175Status of the church (3): God’s masterpiece, the new man and the counterpart of Christ
8-Thur, 6/186Status of the church (4): The Golden Lampstands
9-Mon, 6/2214The Direct building up of the church by the perfected saints
10-Tue, 6/2320Our Entrance into the Church
11-Wed, 6/2422Young People for the Building Up of the church
12-Thur, 6/2523Our need to serve for the building up of the church

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