Monday/Thursday Gatherings

We will be gathering together corporately either altogether Mondays and Thursdays.

MONDAYS we meet corporately, join in the link below:
Zoom Meeting ID: 956 6313 5789
(Note: Parents and Serving Ones Prayer Time join the same link above at 7:00pm)

Meet by your small groups, see Groups for the details regarding your group.

THURSDAYS meet by class, your Zoom links are listed below:

God’s Full Salvation, 7-8 Graders
Zoom Meeting ID: 830 4999 8564

Two Spirits, 9-10 Graders
Zoom Meeting ID: 928 8300 4807

The Church, 11-12 Graders
Zoom Meeting ID: 843 4282 5603

Saturday SCYP gatherings will meet at 7:30pm
Details can be found by visiting:

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